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Game Music
All About Japan, game music news (JP).
Anime Digital Pirate Anime FAQ, guide to spotting bootlegs.
CDJapan, online Japanese music and dvd store.
Chudah's Corner, great game music tracklist and info page.
Coco eBiz, a great place to buy new hard to find game music releases.
Falcom Discography - English Edition, complete English track listing and info resource for all Falcom music releases, hosted by
G.M.O. Database, info and pictures of oldskool G.M.O./G.S.M. composers (JP)
Game Audio Network Guild, game music awareness venture by Tommy Tallarico and others.
GAME MUSIC IMAGES, awesome collection of scans of out of print game music albums.
GAME MUSIC MANIA, game music news and info (JP)., game music covers page.
J.G.M.L. ANNEX, game music database like GMR, only in Japanese (JP). > Game Soundtracks, consolidated listings of game music artists hosted by
Music 4 Games, worldwide game music news and composer directory services.
OverClocked ReMix, fan game music remix mp3 resource.
QUEST STUDIOS, original Sierra soundtrack midi data page.
Remix.Kwed.Org, an excellent resource for C64 mp3 remixes.
RocketBaby, video game and anime music journal.
Slightly Dark, out of print game music mp3 resource page.
SoundtrackCentral, game music review page with great forums.
synSONIQ Records, German game music online store and distributor.
VGMix, game music mp3 remix resource and community.
Video Game Composers Worldwide, biography info on many vgm composers.
VORC -VGM or Chiptune-, game music and demoscene news from Japan.

Game Music Official Composer Links
Bill Brown, Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon Composer (US).
Hiroki Kikuta , Seiken Densetsu and Soukaigi composer (JP).
Hitoshi Sakimoto , Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics composer (JP).
HUGEsound , Alexander Brandon (Unreal), Chance Thomas (Quest for Glory V), and others (US).
Inon Zur, Klingon Academy, Star Trek New Worlds, Icewind Dale II, Lionheart, War & Peace, Crusader Kings, Run Like Hell composer (US).
Isamu Ohira, Gran Turismo composer (JP).
Jack Wall, Myst III: Exile composer (US).
Jeremy Soule, Icewind Dale, Morrowind, Dungeon Siege, Sovereign, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance composer (US).
Jesper Kyd, Hitman, MDK2, The Nations composer (DK).
Kevin Marthei, New Legends, Twisted Metal Black, Wizardry 8, Kings Quest: Mask of Eternity composer (US).
Kimitaka Matsumae, Tamamayu Story composer and former S.S.T. Band member (JP).
Koichi Sugiyama, Dragon Quest composer (JP).
Michiru Oshima, Legaia Densetsu composer (JP).
Noriyuki Iwadare, Grandia and Lunart composer (JP).
Richard Jacques, Headhunter, Metropolis Street Racer, Jet Set Radio Future composer (UK).
Riow Arai, Front Mission Alternative composer (JP).
Ron Jones, Star Fleet Command, Star Fleet Academy composer (US).
Ryuji Iuchi, Shenmue composer (JP).
Straylight Productions, game music label for several composers over the years such as Andrew Sega, Dan Grandpre, Alexander Brandon, Jacob Kaufman, and others responsible for music to Unreal, Deus Ex, Crusader (US).
Takayuki Nakamura, Ehrgeiz, Tobal 2, Virtua Fighter composer (JP).
Tommy Tallarico, Earthworm Jim, MDK composer (US).
Virt (Jacob Kaufman), Master Series Tennis, David Beckham Soccer, X'Treme Roller composer (US).
WAVEMASTER, Music and Sound Design Group of SEGA (JP).
Yasunori Mitsuda, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Xenosaga composer (JP).
Yoshitaka Hirota, Shadow Hearts composer (JP).

Game Music Publisher Links
DigiCube, published of all things Square and other stuff (JP).
Falcom, Falcom publisher (JP).
Konami Music Entertainment, Konami publisher (JP).
SME Visual Works, game music division of Sony Music (JP).
Suleputer, Capcom publisher (JP).
TWOFIVE, Game Arts publisher (JP).
Zuntata, Taito publisher (JP).

a2z ARTISTS, 3D artists directory.
Ai CANDY, official page of Robert de Jesus.
akiman, Capcom artist (JP).
awezoom, Spanish artist and composer.
Breed, international art group.
ColonyOne, 2D artist (JP)., skin download site.
DaFONT, fonts for Windows and Macs (FR).
Design Within Reach, modern interior design.
deviantART, skin download site.
Digital Iceman, 3D artist (JP).
Dreamwave Productions, creators of the new Transformers line of comics., artist galleries.
Estrigious, 2D artists.
Falcoon, wicked 2D artist (JP)., ready-made web graphics and tutorials.
Homestar Runner, humorous flash animations.
Lex, excellent Canadian artist.
Love!! Rina, Rina Sasaki, virtual idol (JP).
Made, 2D artist from France.
NET ONEVISIONS, Kunihiko Tanaka, Xenogears artist (JP)., Ryan Odagawa, 2D artist.
Pendako Club, art of John Kim and Naska Chijoue., art hub (FR)., Pop Mhan, comic artist.
Soanala, L.Soa and K.Jun 3D artist pages, very cool (KR)
System Apex, anime artist database.
Tasty Graphite, Derlaine Lee, 2D artist.
the art of zid, 2D artist from Malaysia.
Titan Skins, skin download site.
Visualice, 2D artist from Finland.
Yamag's Garage, 3D artist (JP).

Demoscene, ultimate Buzz resource.
DOPEDESIGN International, club music and demoscene stuff.
GFXZone, demoscene graphics site.
GoodStuff, scenemusic guide.
No Error, demoscene news page.
Orange Juice, demoscene news page., demoscene resources, reviews, and community.
Traxernews, scenemusic news page.

BillyJr, Chinese emulation news (CH).
GBAEmu, Gameboy Advance emulation and development news site.
Retrogames, emulation news.
Zophar's Domain, emulation news and resources.

Anime on DVD, foreign and domestic anime dvd guide., modern media news and lifestyle network.
Hong Kong Entertainment News in Review, movie news from Hong Kong.
Morango, fashion and style from Brazil (BR).
Movie-List, current and upcoming movie trailer resource.
S1MONE, official movie page.
Shift Japan, Japanese arts and culture e-zine., English JPOP news page with wicked design.
SUPERCARS.NET, large pictures of concept cars and new models.
U8TV, Toronto-based 24hr life-on-camera and TV station.
Yet another Anime CD Cyclopedia, like GMR for Anime soundtracks.

Computer and Video Games, great gaming news page from England.
Dengeki Online, console gaming news from Japan (JP)., news on fighting games.
GAME Watch, PC and console gaming news by impress Watch (JP)., the best Gamecube news page around.
GameFAQs, FAQs and walkthroughs for most games.
Gameforms, console gaming news you won't find anywhere else.
Gamenews of Hong Kong, console and market news and reports from Hong Kong.
Games Are Fun, multiplatform gaming news.
Games Domain, lots of gaming news.
Games Radar, gaming news from the UK.
Gamespot PC News, PC gaming news from Gamespot.
Gamespot Video Game News, console gaming news from Gamespot.
GameSpyDaily, daily news from the page of the GameSpy network., index of most reviews and previews of all games for all consoles from all over the internet.
gaminggroove, new industry PC gaming news page from the original team behind Voodoo Extreme.
Home Theater SPot! Gaming Forum, a great place to find out about how to use all the cool new console gear.
Madman's Cafe, console fighting game news and other fun Japanese stuff. GamersHQ, PC gaming and hardware news.
Magic Box International Videogame News, an indispensible console gaming news resource.
Nintendo Gamecube Official Release List, see what's coming up for Nintendo's Gamecube.
Penny Arcade, comic satire on the gaming industry.
Planet GameCube, Nintendo news.
PlanetNintendo, Nintendo news.
PlanetPS2, PlayStation2 news.
PlanetXbox, Xbox news., Ragnarok Online news and info page.
Ruliweb, gaming news media (KR).
Sega Official Release Calendar, see what Sega's doing for the next few months.
Sony Allsoft, complete monthly listings, covers, and data for all releases for Sony platforms in Japan.
Sony Theater, promo and tv-cm high quality streaming videos of upcoming games for Sony platforms.
Team Xbox, the best Xbox gaming news page.
Voodoo Extreme, PC gaming news.
XBOX Hacker, getting the most out of your Xbox.
Xen Gamers, formerly CoreMagazine, covers console gaming news from Japan like no other.

DesktopLinux, daily Linux software and distribution news., lists new software for Linux.
Gentoo Linux, a new user-friendly free Linux distribution.
K Desktop Environment, the popular KDE package and applications., skins for KDE.
KDE.News, info on new KDE based developments.
Linux Journal, online Linux magazine.
LinuxApps, database of available Linux software., resource for reviews, HOWTOs, and more., Linux industry news.
Mandrake Linux, the popular Mandrake Linux distribution.
SuSE Linux, the popular SuSE Linux distribution.
Trolltech, creators of Qt the C++ application development toolkit.
Tucows Linux, Tucows' Linux software download section.
Wine Application DB, Wine compatability database.
Wine Development HQ, a free implementation of Windows for Linux.
Ximian Inc., creators of the GNOME desktop environment.

PC Hardware
AKIBA PC Hotline, up to the minute PC market news from Japan and Impress Watch (JP).
Akiba2GO!, great PC hardware news page from ASCII24 (JP).
AMD3D, PC tech news., AMD-based PC hardware news.
AnandTech, hardware news and techology articles.
Ars Technica, technical PC news.
bargainPDA, PDA news.
Beyond3D, PC hardware news.
Brighthand, more PDA news.
CD Freaks, backup and filesharing technology news.
CDR-Info, optical media news and papers.
Dan's Data, hand's on reviews of PC gear.
Design Technica, PC hardware news.
Digit-Life, inspired hardware news from Russia.
Extreme Overclocking, PC tweaking news.
ExtremeTech, deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals.
Futurelooks, PC hardware and gaming news.
HardOCP, PC overclocking and hardware news.
Icrontic, PC tech news., computer news.
Mikhailtech, hardware news.
Moddin'.net, PC modding news.
OCModShop, PC mod news.
OcPrices, more hardware news.
Overclockers, pro and homemade PC mod news.
PC Watch, PC news from Japan (JP)., PocketPC and PDA news and resources.
Reactor Critical, breaking and leaked hardware news from Russia.
RIVAStation, hardware news and info.
SLCentral, PC hardware and gaming news.
the Inquirer, daily worldwide PC hardware news.
The Tech Report, PC hardware and tech news.
X-bit Labs, excellent PC hardware news from Russia.

PC Software
Ahead Nero, the best multipurpose burning app for the PC.
Apache, free and versatile multiplatform web server software.
BrawnyLabs, makers of yProxy (simple software proxy that adds yEnc support to any newsreader).
BulletProof FTP is an excellent ftp client for Windows. A server is available too.
DAEMON Tools, highly useful virtual CD image application.
DC++, download page for latest DC++ builds., DVD and video editing tools.
File Flash, new Windows application news.
Frank Klemm's Musepack Page, info and download page for everything Musepack related.
ieXbeta, a great PC software news page., downloads for Linux KDE.
Lavasoft Ad-Aware searches out and purges all spyware from your system.
Microsoft MSDN Downloads, root page for MSDN software., Musepack (mp3 replacement) news., collection of no-cd patches for PC games (RU).
Popup Ad Filter, supresses annoying popups when browsing the web.
RarSoft, creator of WinRAR, an excellent PC archiver supporting multiple formats.
SASAMI2k is the most powerful player of video files for Windows.
Savage News, more new PC software release news.
SMPMAN hosts the latest LAME Win32 alpha, beta, and official builds.
Symantec AntiVirus Definitions, up to the minute virus definitions for Symantec products.
TightVNC, software to securely use your PC remotely.
Trillian, a slightly less bloated PIM app that supports ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC.
Tweak Now, several useful Windows tweaking apps.
UltraEdit, a great text and hex editor for coders., host of Bass and several other apps that deliver near-perfect playback of many MOD formats. The winamp plugin is available here.
VanDyke, creator of robust telnet and SSH applications like SecureCRT.
Windows Update Corporate Site, sorted database of patches for all Windows platforms.
Xpad, for using an Xbox controller on a PC (still in development).
Xpod, for using an iPod on a PC.

3 G Mobile, wireless data guide with a great gallery., the latest technology news (CH).
ASCII24, PC and technology news from Japan (JP).
Audio Visual Watch, the best source for new techology product announcements (JP)., good user reviews on most consumer electronics., home theatre product reviews and information.
CNETAsia, news & technology from Asia.
Dave's PDA Place, pda news.
Digital Photography Review, the definitive source for digital camera photography reviews, information, and sample galleries.
DigiTimes, daily IT news from Asia.
EDAToolsCafe, news and education resource for hardware design.
EE Times Online, computer engineering and technology news and press., portable technology news (CH).
GSMBOX, wireless communication technology and product news.
HDTV Technology Explained, a great article from February 2002 outlining all the different HDTV standards.
Home Theatre Forum Official 480p 16:9 survey thread, a forum post at the Home Theatre Forum that keeps track of which games on which systems support which HDTV standards., great wireless phone news and reviews with excellent forums., wireless technology news (CH).
infoSync International, excellent wireless technology news page from Norway., upcoming Japanese a/v release calendar (JP).
JIJweb, new technology product news (JP).
k-tai Impress Watch, more mobile tech news from Japan (JP)., wireless technology news from the Czech Republic (CZ).
SONYFAN, listings of new and upcoming Japanese Sony products, by impress Watch (JP).
University of Toronto Computer and Electrical Engineering, where the GMR team goes to school.

Web Software
EventID.Net, lookup database for obscure Windows event log errors. Flight Status, track any airborne flight.
Japanese-Online, learn (some) Japanese in 16 easy steps.
Langenberg, search everything all the time.
Langenberg Language Translation, translate any web page with many different services.
Reading Japanese, some quick Japanese lessons. Katakana 101, learn Katakana the Sega way.
So You Want To learn Japanese, why you shouldn't learn Japanese.
sodaplay, the classic stimulating sodaplay applet by soda.
The Internet Archive, find that web page that no longer exists. Radio Tuner, listen to radio stations from around the world.
WWWJDIC Text/Word Translation, Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server hosted by Monash University that does better Japanese to English translation than most other services. Universal Currency Converter performs conversion between every type of world currency.

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